Making a Difference: Marine Life Conservation

Dr. Frank Paladino (biology) has been an ambassador for marine biology for more than 35 years. He is the Jack W. Schrey Distinguished Professor of Biology and the president of The Leatherback Trust. His research has been supported by organizations like The National Geographic Society, The PEW Foundation, The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, and many others. Working with endangered marine species has taken him to Central America, Africa, Greece, and China. During his travels, he has brought 1,500 students with him to do field work. He and his students have published more than 100 scientific papers in scholarly journals.

In April 2018, the journal Marine Biology published an article co-authored by Dr. Paladino and biology student Jennifer Swiggs. The article discusses factors that affect the emergence of leatherback turtle hatchlings and conservation strategies to protect the endangered species. Read more about Paladino and biology student successes in this News-Sentinel article.

Our biology students and faculty continue to pursue their passion for protecting marine life. Callie Veelenturf (M.S., biology, ’17), has dedicated much of her time to sea turtle conservation. Local turtle protection is at the core of a new START program led by Drs. Bruce Kingsbury and Mark Jordan. Keep an eye out for updates from Endeavors in the near future!

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