In the News: Michelle Drouin on Relationships and Technology

Are we able to make human connections with artificial intelligence (AI)? Is it a good idea to announce your breakup online? Can apps help us establish sexual consent? These are some of the questions Professor Michelle Drouin (psychology) asks in her research on relationships and technology, which is constantly receiving media attention.

drouin-csizeGoogle’s new AI system, Google Duplex, raises questions regarding the ethics of whether or not people know when they are interacting with AI. In this Los Angeles Times article, Drouin discusses the potential of technology to deliver comfort to those who feel alienated and lonely.

In a recent Vogue article about announcing breakups online, Drouin addresses possible benefits to publicizing a breakup and telling everyone at once rather than reliving the moment by repeatedly updating people in your life.

The New York Times also quoted Drouin in an article entitled Consent in the Digital Age. She offers her opinion on apps that have emerged recently to serve as consent contracts between sexually involved people.

You can read about Drouin’s previous research on sexting here.


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