This Is the Summer of Research

How do our faculty members spend the summer? Some of them are involved in summer research projects being funded by grants from the Purdue Research Foundation (PRF). Two of the grant recipients are from the College of Arts and Sciences, both in the English department.

Rachel Hile

Posthumanist Allegory is Professor Rachel Hile’s project. Her work is developing new ways to critically read and analyze allegorical literature by combining posthuman philosophy and cognitive psychology.

Andrew Kopec

Assistant Professor Andrew Kopec’s project is entitled Nineteenth-Century US Literature and the Business Cycle. The goal of his work is to address how African-American culture before the Civil War dealt with economic unrest.

Seth Green, assistant professor of ceramics, was also given a grant for his project, Developing Stunning, Stable and Reliable Pottery Glazes. It will focus on creating unique glazes and expand the work Green did last summer, when he oversaw the building of a new fire kiln on campus.

The PRF grants provide financial support to enable faculty members to focus on their research this summer. For more information about the Summer Faculty Grant Program or any of the research projects, contact Andrew Downs, associate professor of political science, at 260-481-6691 or email

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