In the News: Abraham Schwab on Ethics

When local news reporters need an expert opinion on ethical matters, they turn to our own Associate Professor Abraham Schwab (philosophy). As a member of the Allen County Ethics Commission, Schwab often is asked to comment on ethical issues our community and its members face.

In a recent Journal Gazette editorial, Schwab discusses the valuable lessons he learned in college that did not necessarily pertain to his career. A bachelor’s degree is more than job training, he explains, “It exposes you to ideas, experiences and perspectives that no simple training program can provide.”

In another recent article, Schwab discussed ethical concerns in local politics. He offers insight on a potential conflict of interest in St. Joseph Township and the lack of township-specific ethics codes in Indiana.

Schwab’s latest editorial for WBOI was inspired by one of his favorite memes: the Donald Trump “Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated” images. In the article, Schwab discusses two aspects of our healthcare system that are often misunderstood: hospital billing and international markets.


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