Graduation Spotlight: Madison & Megan Kline (CSD)

Madison and Megan Kline (left to right)

As twin sisters, Madison and Megan Kline (B.S., communication sciences and disorders, ’18) have gone through a lot together. Now they can add one more thing to that list: graduating from IPFW. In May, they each received a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD), a minor in linguistics, and a certificate in gerontology.

Megan and Madison both underwent speech therapy when they were younger, which inspired their decision to major in CSD. They have nothing but praise for the department. “I had hands-on experience with what my career includes,” Megan says. “Being able to make a difference in an individual’s life or make an impact was an amazing experience!” Madison notes that “all of the faculty is friendly and willing to help whenever you need it. They truly care about your future.”

For the four years they attended IPFW, the sisters took all of their classes together. “We always had a study partner,” Madison says. Megan adds, “it was great to have someone that understood exactly how I felt during the courses each semester.” In addition to taking the same classes, Madison and Megan were both cheerleaders and even worked part-time at the same job while going for their degrees.

Taking the academic journey together, Megan and Madison always had support from each other. “I was fortunate enough to go through this journey with my twin sister,” Madison says. “We are very, very close.” Megan agrees: “It has been amazing going through a huge milestone in my life with the only person who has always been there for me: my twin!”

#Whatsnext for Megan and Madison? They want to pursue the Master of Arts program in speech-language pathology at Ball State University together.

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