Graduation Spotlight: Rachel Caruso (ENG)

Rachel Caruso (B.A., English, ’18) is “an avid reader and a complete bookworm.” This passion inspired her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in literature. Her desire to be more “marketable” drove her to get double minors in professional writing and linguistics.

One reason Caruso chose IPFW was that she wanted a school with small classes and low student-to-professor ratios. Her academic experience has surpassed her expectations and allowed her “the flexibility to explore different subfields, potential careers, and interests while also letting me stay close to my hometown and my family.”

Caruso is grateful that she worked with “fantastic professors who are genuinely passionate about their subjects and receptive to student input” in the English department. “My professors have always instilled the belief in me that English majors have more to offer than they realize, and this has helped me tremendously.” She says English faculty Kate White and Damian Fleming “have been such great advocates for my career goals and research interests, and I am so grateful for all of their guidance and friendship for the past four years.”

Caruso’s undergraduate achievements and activities include completing the Honors Program, presenting her Honors Project, “Young Adult Literature and Secondary Education: A Cohesive and Dynamic Fit,” receiving both the Chancellor’s Scholarship and the Georgiana Kryzminski Scholarship, completing a copyediting internship at Sweetwater Sound, and working for CASA and the Writing Center. She is now a teaching assistant at Northrop High School. “This job opened my eyes to the field of education, and I found out that I love working with high school students.”

#WhatsNext for Rachel Caruso? She is deciding where to go for a master’s program, and PurdueFW is a top contender. “I will likely stay in Fort Wayne and continue working at Northrop. I plan to become a full-time English teacher and… may also obtain my Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) certification during grad school so that I can continue working with English Language Learning (ELL) students.” She also plans to continue doing research on young adult literature and wants to incorporate it into her own teaching.

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