Graduation Spotlight: Luis Nuñez (SOC)

Luis Nuñez (B.A., sociology, ’18) began his academic career as a biology major interested in becoming a veterinarian. His introductory sociology course was supposed to be just an elective.  Instead, the class was a deciding factor in changing his future.

Nuñez’s main area of interest has been community engagement. He says outreach is important “in order to bridge the gap between higher education and the community. Through that, I want to encourage people of all backgrounds to form solidarity amongst each other.” He has been able to embrace this philosophy by contributing to the Great Greenhouse Giveaway START program throughout the semester.

Other extracurricular activities Nuñez has been involved in include being a member of the Alpha Kappa Delta Honors Society and vice president of the Sociology Student Association, participating in The BIG Event, completing a COMPASS Student Internship, and contributing to the student production, “Complete Life, Not Suicide.”

Nuñez says the faculty at IPFW made a significant impact on his undergraduate experience. “They pushed me beyond my limit, in order to reach my full potential.” About Dr. Mieko Yamada (sociology), with whom he worked as a research assistant, he says, “I will always remember her words, ‘you will be successful,’ and will cherish how much she believes in me.” He also says Dr. Sherrie Steiner (sociology) was the main influence on his interest  service-learning.

#WhatsNext for Nuñez? He has already been accepted into a PhD program in Sociology at Portland State University. “I will be focusing on community engagement, with a concentration in environmental sustainability and inequality. I want to become a professor while researching by teaching with service-learning projects.”

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