Graduation Spotlight: Matt Wyss (PHIL)

A desire to satiate his “intellectual curiosity” and “growing interests in the humanities” led Matt Wyss (B.A., philosophy, ’18) to enroll at IPFW. “Philosophy in particular nurtured my natural tendency towards analysis and reasoning through abstract concepts.” During his time here, he went from a quiet student with few friends to a highly accomplished graduate who has developed peer and faculty relationships.

When he first came to the university, Matt did not know anyone here. His struggles with anxiety and depression made it even more difficult to fit in and succeed academically. He says he persisted “mostly out of my burning desire to learn. Eventually, I found my home in the philosophy department, without which I would not be the highly successful student that I am.”

Matt says he owes much of his success to the friends he made in his classes as well as philosophy faculty members Charlene Elsby, Bernd Buldt, and Bill Bruening. “They have continued to support me in my difficulties and have fostered my interest in mathematical logic and phenomenology. I look up to these faculty members and try to model my academic career after their success.”

The achievements Matt has earned while an undergraduate are numerous. He has participated in several conferences and presentations, including the Indiana Philosophical Association Spring Workshop and the 28th Modern Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Conference. He won the Indiana Philosophical Association Best Undergraduate Essay Prize two years in a row as well as the 2017 PI Mu Epsilon Math Matters Award. He has done research in analogical constructivism and worked with Elsby as a teaching assistant.

#WhatsNext for Matt Wyss? “I have been accepted to a number of philosophy programs abroad. They are master’s programs, but the long-term goal is a PhD in philosophy.” He has accepted an offer from Brock University with a scholarship, fellowship, and teaching assistantship, but he is thinking of deferring and taking a year off to contemplate his future.

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