STARTing to Wind Down

It’s the end of the semester already? Wow! Well, over the upcoming weeks, we can START letting you know how our START projects are wrapping up.

Dr. Pam Reese’s mobile literacy library START program concluded last week. This term, Reese and her team of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) students have been working with children at Indian Village Elementary School to improve reading and literacy skills.

Reese and her team really connected with the children and their interests. One child was obsessed with basketball, so Reese found a basketball-themed book for him, and even though it was more difficult than the other books, the child rapidly learned to read it.

Reese is proud of her student’s accomplishments. She is “very happy about what they’ve learned in such a short amount of time. They’ve learned to discourage the child from dragging their finger beneath the words while reading; to let the child hold the book; to use a cloze strategy; if the book is difficult, to take on more of the reading, but still give the child a chance; to talk about the cover before reading; to talk about pictures to support meaning; to change out their books as they have gotten to know what the children love (basketball!); and that all children love Fly Guy.”

This project is just the START of Reese’s plans. She wants to use what she’s learned this semester, revise the project, and take another team of students back out to area elementary schools.

Her current students are also benefiting from the project. Four students submitted a poster presentation proposal to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention in Boston. Four others plan to submit a paper to the Purdue Journal of Service Learning and International Engagement.

We can’t wait to see what happens next!


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