Physics and Education Partnership Leads to Fellowship and Award

Congratulations to Professor Mark Masters (physics) and Assistant Professor Matthew Perkins Coppola (science education) for winning one of five national 2017–19 PhysTEC Fellowship awards.

This fellowship strengthens the connections between education and physics on our campus, helps create awareness among high school students of opportunities in teaching physics, and helps meet the demand for physics teachers in Indiana.

“Our plan of action includes the integration of learning assistants into several physics courses,” says Perkins Coppola. “The training and experience our learning assistants receive will be useful for physics majors regardless of whether they are inspired to become high school educators or choose to go on to teach university-level physics or work in industry.” The new course, PHYS 17000 – Learning and Teaching Physics, is scheduled to debut in fall 2018.

Masters added, “ We also are creating a Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) to create a community with the high school physics teachers.  High school physics teachers are often the only physics person at a school and community is very important to generating innovative ideas on teaching.  The TAG will meet every second Tuesday at 6 PM in Kettler Hall Room 124.”

In addition to the PhysTEC Fellowship, Masters and Perkins Coppola partnered to write a winning Meggers Project Award proposal for $24,805. The Meggers award funds will be used to host a week-long summer Applied Physics Workshop for in-service high school physics teachers and their students (June 25-29, 2018). It looks like this will be the summer of physics education!

Want to know more about the summer workshop? Check out their website for updates.

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