STARTing to Bloom

It might be snowing outside, but in the university greenhouse, things are STARTing to bloom (figuratively and literally). Dr. Sherrie Steiner and her students’ Great Greenhouse Giveaway vegetables are growing quickly, and the project is coming together.

Volunteers from across campus are contributing to the project. Students and faculty in our Department of International Languages and Culture Studies (ILCS) have translated all of the plant care directions into French, German, Arabic, and Spanish. Dr. Mieko Yamada (sociology) translated them into Japanese. And an alumna Rabia Ibrahim (B.A., Spanish, Teaching English as a New Language certificate, ’17), a native Burmese speaker, provided Burmese translations.

In a little under two weeks, Hartford community will reap the benefits of this project. On April 21, more than 30 IPFW students will travel to Hartford City to volunteer at Hartford City Earth Day celebrations. They will be picking up trash, presenting posters at city hall, distributing plants to and collecting comment cards from local residents, and a few will even be grilling food for the Earth Day cookout!

We’ll be along for the ride too, documenting the events. Keep an eye out for our updates!

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