STARTing to Market Hope House

For their project with Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House, Dr. Elizabeth Keller and her students are STARTing to develop their marketing project proposals.

To help generate ideas, representatives from Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House and local company Federated Media came to class for some introductory discussions about Children’s Hope House’s marketing needs and how Federated Media can help.

Brad Corner, an integrated marketing specialist from Federated Media, shared with the class about how to develop a marketing plan and what services Federated Media can offer the class in their marketing efforts. Andrew Gritzmaker, executive director of Children’s Hope House and IPFW alumnus (B.S, public and environmental affairs, ’08; M.P.M., public management, ’10), talked about the Hope House, their marketing needs, and with Mr. Corner, answered questions from students.

So our inaugural START projects are taking shape! Now we just have to wait a few weeks to see what Dr. Keller’s students propose and create!

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