Courage and Tenacity: Our WOST Program Rises to All Occasions

Janet Badia

Women’s studies programs are receiving more attention in the wake of the #MeToo movement and Trump presidency – much of it challenging the “any publicity is good publicity” adage. And the IPFW Women’s Studies Program, its students, and its director, Professor Janet Badia, are no exception.

Badia shared her experiences in a Chronicle of Higher Education article, “For Scholars of Women’s Studies, It’s Been a Dangerous Year.”  In the past two years Badia has had posters repeatedly ripped from her office door, WOST signs and bulletin boards were vandalized,  and WOST social media has been attacked with sexually degrading comments. Yet the article focuses on the resilience of women’s studies programs in the face of adversity, including the near shuttering of our WOST program.

The WOST program was similarly profiled in the Journal Gazette article, “Women’s Studies at IPFW Sees Life, Growth.” Despite attacks like those she described in the Chronicle article, Badia believes that the current discourse about sexual harassment, women’s marches, and #MeToo movement makes this an exciting time to study feminism and women’s rights.

Learn more about the IPFW Women’s Studies Program here.

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