State of the Union Watch Party and POLS In the News

The IPFW Department of Political Science and Honors Program are co-hosting a State of the Union Watch Party on January 30, 2018. The evening will open with a panel discussion about Trump’s first year in office, and then attendees can enjoy pizza while they watch the State of the Union Address with the panelists. Get more information about the event here.

Our political science faculty are also in the news helping the community understand complex political issues. In three recent articles from The Journal Gazette, political science faculty members, Associate Professor Andrew Downs and Professor Michael Wolf offer their insights on local issues.

Regarding an audit that revealed that Allen County Commissioner Linda Bloom was not properly filing timesheets, Downs spoke about political accountability on the county level. Read more here.

Downs also discussed the recent Fort Wayne City Council proposal to limit campaign contributions from corporations in local elections. Read his concerns regarding regulation here.

Finally, Wolf spoke about fundraising for political campaigns and the connection between candidates’ wealth and public perception. Read the article here.

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