In the News: Taxes, Bald Eagles, and Religion, Oh My!

What do taxes, bald eagles, and religion have in common? College of Arts and Sciences faculty members were recently in the news discussing each topic.

Associate Professor Abraham P. Schwab (philosophy) shared insightful information regarding the recently passed federal tax-reform bill. Though Congressman Jim Banks, R-3rd, has stated that the bill will help middle-class Hoosiers, Schwab disagrees and, in his monthly column for WBOI, he explains how the reform may actually increase taxes for lower- and middle-class Hoosiers while benefiting corporations and the wealthy. Read more about it here.

A bald eagle sighting inspired Associate Professor David G. Schuster (history) to write about the history of environmental protection and the importance of nature conservation, published in The Journal Gazette.  Read the editorial here.

Bill Bruening, an emeritus professor of philosophy, uses logic to compare figures and texts from the Quran and the Bible. He uses these comparisons to explore the concept of loving one’s neighbor in each religion. And, in true philosophical fashion, he gives a response to a response, in this The Journal Gazette article. Read Bruening’s article here.

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