Listen Now! Fake News and Healthcare

The Department of Political Science’s expert faculty often help educate the public on important issues. In September, faculty participated in three events: “The Reality of Fake News: Russian Strategic Doctrine and the Western Democracy,” “Funding Healthcare,” and “The Supreme Court and the Politics of Interpretation.”

Disappointed you missed out? You can stream two of these events through WBOI, 89.1.

“The Reality of Fake News” features moderator Andy Downs (associate professor, political science) and panelists Lawrence Kuznar (professor, anthropology), Ann Livschiz (associate professor, history), and James Toole (associate professor, political science). The group discusses how fake news spreads, how it impacts public trust, and why it might benefit Vladimir Putin. Listen now.

Downs also moderated the panel discussion, “Funding Healthcare” on September 11. Panelists for this event included Dr. Peter Hanley, Zafar Nazarov (assistant professor, economics), and Dr. Jon Walker. Panelists discussed what works and what doesn’t work in U.S. healthcare financing. Listen now.

Don’t want to miss live events? Or just interested in what else IPFW has to offer? Check out the events calendar.

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