In the News: The Birds, Bees, Reptiles, and Amphibians

The Birds and the Bees

drouin-csizeIt’s no surprise that Associate Professor of Psychology Michelle Drouin’s research on sexting draws lots of media attention. This month, articles from The Huffington Post and Rewire cited her study “Is Sexting Good for Your Relationship? It Depends…,” which was coauthored with IPFW psychology alumna Manda Coupe (B.A., ’16).

Rewire’s “This Week in Sex: Can Sexting Help Your Relationship?” drew info from Drouin’s study to suggest that “sexts between consenting adults, especially in a committed relationship, can be a good thing.” Read more.

The Huffington Post’s “Have Second Thoughts about Sexting? You’re Not Alone” used Drouin’s research to concentrate on the 10 percent of subjects in the study who felt “remorse or worse after sending explicit photos and messages.” Read more.

If you’re curious about Drouin’s original study, you can read the entire article here or contact her directly for more information.

The Reptiles and the Amphibians

Kingsbury python turtleEver wandered across a snake or turtle in the wild and wondered what it was? Now you can find out with the help of the Indiana Herp Atlas! Professor of Biology Bruce Kingsbury helped create the Indiana Herp Atlas, a guide to Indiana’s herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians). The site currently has photos and information on 93 different kinds of creatures. But you can get involved too! Anyone can upload data on the site to report the kinds of creatures they’ve seen, where they’re located, and even submit photos.

Learn more about the Indiana Herp Atlas and Kingsbury’s work in the News Sentinel article, “Indiana Herp Atlas Provides Info on State’s Reptiles, Amphibians.”


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