A&S Alumni Receive Prestigious Summer Internships

Kaminska and Fuelling
Wonder what our May graduates are up to? Kateryna Kaminska (B.A., political science, ‘17) and Cody Fuelling (B.A., political science and history, ‘17) received summer internships with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in New York City. They will be evaluating how UNFPA’s current projects are working based on quality and policy. Interns also update UNFPA’s policies and procedures manual to insure it provides proper guidance and training to UNPFA personnel.


Kaminska and Fuelling are the third and fourth students from IPFW who have interned with UNFPA.  The two previous students were Chayenne Polimédio (B.A., political science, ’14;) and Luisa Pires Luciano (B.A., political science, ’16). Polimédio is now a research associate with New America Think Tank in Washington, D.C. and Pires Luciano is a student in Georgetown University’s Conflict Resolution master’s program.

#WhatsNext for Kaminska and Fuelling? Kaminska will begin law school at either Notre Dame or Columbia in fall 2017.  Fuelling begins his Fulbright program in Luxembourg in August 2017.

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