Megan Menchhofer: Grad Student, Researcher, World Traveler, and …

MenchhoferCommunication graduate student Meghan Menchhofer is going to have a busy summer. By choice: She’s attending two international conferences on opposite sides of the world! From July 4–14, she’ll be in Bosnia-Herzegovina, taking part in the Summer University Srebrenica Program. Two days later, she’ll fly to Cartagena, Columbia for the 2017 International Association of Media and Communications Research (IAMCR) Conference.

In the Summer University Srebrenica Program, attendees conduct research projects on topics related to genocide, transitional justice, post-conflict studies, and human rights. The program also offers a fascinating field research component. Menchhofer and her fellow researchers will spend three days participating in the annual Peace March. On this 90-kilometer (56-mile) “death march,” participants pass mass execution and mass grave sites of victims from the July 1995 Bosnia genocide. They participate in remembrance ceremonies and short historical classes along the way, during which death march survivors often share their stories.

At the conference in Columbia, Menchhofer will present research she’s been conducting on Fort Wayne refugees and immigrant communities as part of a session on Islam and the media. This research focuses on how Muslim refugees and other immigrant groups resist or embrace representations of themselves in the media.

BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE!! Stay tuned for pictures because she’s agreed to share her 2017 summer adventures with us when she returns!

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