2017 Summer A&S Youth Camps

Over the summer, Arts & Sciences faculty don’t just teach our students. Many spend time providing summer camps for kids in elementary, middle, and high school. These include three camps from the Appleseed Writing Project, two from the Department of Physics, and IPFW’s Honors Program Summer Camp.

Appleseed Writing Project Camps

The Appleseed Writing Project is housed at IPFW and two camp directors are Department of English and Linguistics faculty: Karol Dehr (continuing lecturer) and Terry Springer (limited term lecturer). The Appleseed Writing Project offers the public three camps, an elementary camp, a middle school camp, and a high school camp. The camps explore writing in a variety of genres, including poetry, story writing, and narratives, while engaging in a variety of activities that will help them better understand the writing process.

Camp Details
Elementary Camp
Grades 4, 5, & 6
June 12–23
Website and Registration

Middle School Camp
Grades 7, 8, & 9
June 12–23
Website and Registration

High School Camp
Grades 10, 11, & 12
June 12–16
Website and Registration

Physics Exploration and Math & Science Camps

The Department of Physics also hosts two summer camps: the Math and Science Camp (for middle school students) and the Physics Exploration Camp (for high school students). The Physics Exploration Camp introduces campers to a variety of topics in experimental physics. They learn about and perform experiments related to astronomy, LASER physics, quantum optics, and surface science. Campers work in small groups with physics professors and senior physics majors.

The most popular camp – Math & Science – engages campers in hands-on science and problem solving projects. The camp consists of a week-long activity (in the past this has included creating water-rockets, hot air balloons, and pine wood derby) and smaller daily activities (Lego robots, logic puzzles, and creative mathematical games). This year, the campers will be creating water balloons.

Camp Details
Physics Exploration
Ages 14–16
June 19–22

Math & Science Camp
Ages 11–13
July 10–13
Registration (currently full; wait-list available)

Honors Summer Camp

Discover the diverse academic opportunities that IPFW has to offer during this one-week immersive interdisciplinary Honors Summer Camp, designed for academically talented high school students. Campers will interact with other high-achieving students from across the region, while working in small groups with some of the best IPFW faculty. Subjects will include history, political science, women’s studies, biology, library science, engineering, and more! Campers will get exposure to Arabic, French, and Spanish languages. They’ll even learn about bugs and slugs on a field trip to Crooked Lake with biology faculty Robert Gillespie and Jordan Marshall! Contact Honors Director Farah Combs if you have additional questions, but act now! Registration closes May 26.

Camp Details
High School Juniors
July 30–August 4
Eligibility Requirements and Registration

Looking for other opportunities? Here’s a full list of the summer 2017 youth camps we have planned across IPFW’s other colleges and programs!

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