Graduation Spotlight: Adam Gay, History

PD_0003 (2)
Adam Gay

Adam Gay (B.A., history, ’17), like many college students, tried a few majors before he found the right one. He received a full-ride through a Chancellor’s Distinguished Scholarship, so choosing IPFW was a no-brainer. But after starting as a civil engineering major, Gay “quickly realized it wasn’t quite right.” Next, because Gay and other family members suffered from mental health issues, he thought a career as a psychologist could be fulfilling. Ultimately, though, he wasn’t happy there either.

As he explains it, after realizing it was time for some soul-searching, “I sat down and thought about what really held my interest. It was history. I investigated careers that a bachelor’s degree in history could eventually lead to, and I found there were more opportunities than I previously thought. So I decided to go for it.”

His decision was made easier by history faculty Jeffrey Malanson and Deborah Bauer, who taught some of Gay’s initial history classes at IPFW. These classes reignited his interest in history: Malanson and Bauer “had a particular impact on me because they made history so interesting.”

Gay did confront challenges and difficulties along the way. However, he credits the support of family and IPFW professors with helping him overcome various obstacles. Gay makes special note of Ann Livschiz (history), who was “incredible in helping me navigate my way through personal issues to succeed at IPFW.”

Gay currently works for Sherwin-Williams and is planning to apply for the management training program. He also eventually hopes to pursue graduate-level opportunities.


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