What’s Next in Literature Studies? Digital Humanities

Troy Bassett

Associate Professor Troy Bassett (English and linguistics) studies nineteenth century literature, but he is also known for his work in the digital humanities (using/developing digital  technologies for use in humanities scholarship).

As part of his research, Bassett created At the Circulating Library: A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837-1901, which offers a biographical and bibliography database of nineteenth-century British fiction.

In the past year, he gave multiple presentations on digital humanities or that used data from his database. Bassett was invited by the English department at Miami University (Ohio) to give a talk on “Digital Humanities and the Victorians: Patterns and Trends in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel” in March 2017.  See poster.

His conference paper, “Evidence of Reading: The Social Networks of Provincial Book Clubs,” from the 2016 North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA) conference at Arizona State University was selected for inclusion the special conference issue of Victorian Studies.

According to Bassett, digital humanities is exciting “because it gives us new ways of studying old books that challenges and expands what we know about literature.” It also allows Bassett to share the information he has organized for his research through the online At the Circulating Library database for scholars around the world to use in their own work.

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