Communication Alumnus Extends Conference Invitation to IPFW Grad Students

(left to right) Sasha Allgayer, Ashley Motia, and Josh Bacon

IPFW connections create opportunities for our students. IPFW alumnus Sasha Allgayer (B.A., communication, ’12; M.A., communication, ’14) is currently a PhD candidate at Bowling Green State University. When the university began accepting papers for its annual Bowling Green State University Graduate Student Conference, Allgayer invited IPFW to present papers.

Two communication graduate students Josh Bacon and Ashley Motia applied and were accepted to the conference. Bacon presented “Democracy Delayed: A Corpus-assisted Discourse Study of Universal Suffrage and the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong.” Bacon’s presentation focused on the conflict between Hong Kong (a former British colony) and mainland China, specifically examining Hong Kong’s hybrid democracy and suffrage movement.

Motia presented “#ThisIsWhatTransLooksLike: A Content Analysis of Selfies on Instagram.” Using content analysis, Motia’s study explored themes uncovered from analyzing selfies posted to Instagram under the popular transgender hashtag #ThisIsWhatTransLooksLike to understand how trans-identifying individuals construct and negotiate their identities online.

For more information on the conference, click here. If you want to learn more about IPFW’s communication graduate programs, check out their website.

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