Arts & Sciences Top 50 Awards

Twenty-five College of Arts and Sciences majors and alumni were included in this year’s IPFW Top 50 awards. Twelve A&S departments were represented: biology, chemistry, communication, communication sciences and disorders, English and linguistics, general studies, history, international languages and culture studies, mathematical sciences, physics, political science, and psychology. The IPFW Top 50 award recognizes students “who not only excel academically, but who also make their mark by giving back to the IPFW campus and their communities.” For consideration of this award, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. Applicant materials are reviewed by a panel of judges, and students can only be chosen for this award twice in their academic career.

Many of these students have featured on Endeavors, including Nathaniel Brophy for his Fulbright Scholarship (Cody Fuelling, another Fulbright Scholarship recipient, was a Top 50 student in 2016). Heather Dewey presented at the Undergraduate History Conference and was interviewed for an IPSGA video.  Nicole Howard is an alumni of the biology department, and was featured in an article about her family legacy at IPFW. This is her second Top 50 award. Jinlong Han presented at Indiana Academy of Science conference in Indianapolis. We also covered Helena Carvalho Schmidt’s presentation at the Student Research and Creative Endeavors Symposium. And stay tuned for future updates about Meghan Menchhofer, who will be providing pictures and updates from the 2017 Summer University Srebrenica Program.

Check out the Top 50 website for more information about the award. Congratulations to all of the Top 50 winners!

The full list of Arts & Sciences winners:

Kenda Barnes—math actuarial science

Marcela Betancourt—biology, business econ, and public policy

Paul Bojrab—biology and chemistry

Bre Anne Briskey—psychology and history

Elizabeth Britner—English & linguistics

Nathaniel Brophy—political science

Helena Carvalho Schmidt—English & linguistics and communication

Heather Dewey—history

Abbigayle Dunlavy—biology and psychology

Kiley Dunning—communication sciences & disorders

Olivia Hahn—communication sciences & disorders

Jinlong Han—biology

Lauren Hoffman—psychology

Nicole Howard—counselor education (biology alumni)

Hannah Jennings—psychology

Meghan Menchhofer—communication

Cameo Parry—general studies

Matthew Place—physics

Gabriela Romo—biology

Kenneth Saillant—biology pre-medicine

Graydon Schroeder—finance and Spanish

Tianna Schuerman—communication sciences & disorders

Mattison Siri—physics and electrical engineering

Callie Veelenturf—biology

Nicole Winans—mathematics teaching


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