Political Science Faculty Discuss Current Events

From the use of the GE campus to Middle Eastern politics, the Department of Political Science faculty are engaging with our community to find answers and consider options.

Associate Professor Andrew Downs was interviewed in the Journal Gazette about his participation in forums about future use of the old General Electric industrial site in Fort Wayne. Downs also appeared on WPTA to discuss the possible ramifications of Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly’s support of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

Associate Professor James Toole was interviewed by both The Journal Gazette and The News-Sentinel about President Trump’s recent cruise missile strike on targets in Syria. In both articles, Toole emphasized that it’s too soon to tell whether this action marks a change in the administration’s policies or if it was a one-off event.

Professor Michael Wolf was interviewed in a WANE.com article, also about Donnelly’s support for Gorsuch. He took part in a panel discussion (moderated by Downs) with Toole, Associate Professor Jeff Malanson (history) about the electoral college, and you can hear a recording of that discussion courtesy of WBOI.  Wolf was also the featured speaker for the spring edition of the Distinguished Lecturer series, which was livestreamed. A video recording of the lecture, “The Outlook for Political Civility and Compromise in the Trump Age,” can be seen here on the Arts & Sciences Facebook page.

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