A&S Lecturer’s Play, Lunacy, to Premier at Khaos Theatre in April

Looking for something to do in April? Why not catch a play in Indianapolis AND support Joe Reese, a limited-term lecturer in IPFW’s Department of English & Linguistics. Reese wrote Lunacy: A Play for Our Times, which will be performed April 21, 22, 28, and 29 at the Khaos Company Theatre. Reece originally submitted Lunacy to the 2016 Dionysia New Play Competition, where it won first place.

Reviewer Patrick Gaffney describes the play as a “story of what happens when divinity interrupts the lives of a humdrum, failed playwright Tony and his prodigiously promiscuous wife Susan.  Susan unwittingly picks up Zeus (off on his first extramarital fling with mortals in a millennia) at an office party, and takes him home, precipitating the breakup of her relationship with her nerdish husband.  Diana comes in search of her philandering father to warn him of Hera’s intent to search him out and destroy him—and discovers instead the pathetic Tony, with whom she promptly falls in love. Susan’s defense of the current stockpiling of nuclear weapons is one of the funniest bits of satire on the contemporary stage.”

If you’re interested in dinner and a show, there are many top-rated restaurants around Khaos Theatre. Check out Indianapolis Monthly’s “Indy’s Best Restaurants (2016)” for restaurants specializing in farm to table, global soul food, street-food inspired Asian, and more! Over half of the listed restaurants are within a 15 minute drive to the theater.

Tickets for Lunacy: A Play for Our Times are available on the Khaos Theatre website. For more information, contact Reese at reesej@ipfw.edu.

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