Ninth Annual Undergraduate History Conference

Fifteen IPFW College of Arts and Sciences students presented papers at the 9th Annual Undergraduate History Conference on February 11, 2017. History, political science, communication, English & linguistics, and psychology majors presented papers focusing on several historical areas. The conference featured five panels: “Genocide, War, and Memory,” “Ideals of Revolt and Revolution,” “Imperialism and International Diplomacy in the Modern Era,” “Contested Identities in United States,” and “The Perils of Politics: Social, Legal, and Philosophical Battles from Ancient Greece through Twentieth-Century America.” See the attached program for a full list of presenters.

The Indiana Purdue Student Government Association (IPSGA) produced a short video on the event. In it, history major Heather Dewey explains how she enjoys the opportunity to share her research and to practice public speaking. Rosie Macqueen (history) shared how the communication styles of written papers differ from oral presentations. Watch the full video here.

For more photos and information about this event, please see the history department’s Facebook page.

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