In the News: Ethical and Scientific Dilemmas

When ethical and scientific questions arise, faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences can help to chart that foggy territory. Assistant Professor Charlene Elsby (philosophy) was interviewed for the WalletHub article “Is Money the Root of all Evil? Experts Pick Sides.” Elsby holds that the real question is the relationship between financial matters and moral matters. Since people still hurt one another for non-financial reasons, it’s hard to call money the single cause of all evil. Read more here.

WANE asked Professor Bruce Kingsbury (biology) about how cuts by the Trump administration to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will affect researchers. “We have concerns about, first, that short-term gains will be put ahead of long-term protections,” Kingsbury said. He also expressed concerns that the administration will purge scientific data with the goal of supporting a different, disingenuous position. See the entire story here.

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