2017 Arts & Sciences Winter Reception

At the second annual Arts & Sciences Winter Reception on January 27, 2017, our faculty and staff had the chance to relax, share some laughs, and recognize the incredible work going on in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The night opened with the opportunity to mingle while IPFW’s Jazz Ensemble played. Everyone enjoyed appetizers and a full buffet. Jim Whitcraft was on site with his camera, and props were available for anyone who wanted to capture memories from the evening. Later, Dean Eric Link introduced the IPFW Singing Dons and a video for our faculty and staff from our students.

Giving Tree

Throughout the night, attendees were encouraged to donate to the College of Arts and Sciences Giving Tree to fund new scholarship opportunities for COAS students, many of whom can only afford college through scholarships and the generosity of donors. Attendees placed donations in envelopes for the College of Arts and Sciences Giving Tree. Faculty, staff, alumni, and other interested donors are encouraged to contact Karen Burtnette to add to the Giving Tree to fund opportunities for our students.

At the end of the event, Dean Link reflected on the achievements of COAS departments and faculty. He closed the evening by surprising three faculty with special awards. You can learn more about the awards these awards and the transcript of Dean Link’s award introductions here.

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped organize this year’s Winter Reception. Check out the full album of pictures from our reception on the Arts & Sciences Facebook page.

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