Inauguration Watch Party

The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States received much publicity and attention, even at IPFW. The IPFW Honors Center hosted an Inauguration Watch Party featuring faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences. Professor Michael Wolf and Associate Professors James Toole, Georgia Ulmschneider, and Andrew Downs from the Department of Political Science participated in a panel discussion moderated by Honors Director and Continuing Lecturer in Arabic Farah Combs prior to the official swearing in. The watch party was styled after the well-attended presidential and vice presidential debate parties. See here and here for our coverage of the earlier events.

interviewReporters from The Journal Gazette and WANE were on campus to film the proceedings and interviewed several students. The Journal Gazette article included interviews with psychology and communication major Miriam Romanelli, business and political science major Ben Bailey, and history major Amara Scheitlin. Political science major Nathan Brophy, history major Amara Scheitlin, and engineering major Erin Olinger were interviewed for WANE. Interviewees expressed the importance of the inauguration as a unifying event for the United States.


For more images from this event, see the Honors Program’s Facebook page.

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