Friday Night at the Physics Department

physics-groupInterested in physics? Know anyone interested in IPFW’s physics program? Then join the Department of Physics for “Friday Night at the Physics Department,” a hands-on demo show and department tour. Check out the educational laboratories, tour the research laboratories, and find out what physics majors and physicists do!

Some specific demonstrations will be the ping-pong ball cannon (firing ping-pong balls at more than 600 miles per hour), gravity cloth (simulating gravitational fields of massive objects), modeling a gravity wave detector using a laser interferometer, and acoustic levitation. Physics students and faculty will explain the principles behind the demos.

In the research lab tours, attendees will discover the research physics faculty and students are involved in. They will see interferometry used to detect sound, learn about using light as a “tractor-beam,” see a quantum optic experiment, and learn about making aerogels.

Finally, participants will learn about IPFW’s exceptional undergraduate physics program and what careers you can pursue with a physics degree.

The show will be held on Friday, February 17 in Kettler Hall, Room 129, starting at 6pm. This event is open to the public. If you want more information, please contact Mark Masters at 260-481-6153 or

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