Voter Registration Drive

As part of a service project, four IPFW Chapman Scholars conducted a one-day voter registration drive at IPFW on Monday, October 3. Bre Anne Briskey (psychology/history), Abbigayle Dunlavy (biology), Amber Edelman (accounting/finance), and Seth Schmenk (civil engineering) estimate they registered 30 voters and allowed dozens more to check their registration status and polling locations.

Using iPads supplied by IPSGA, the students helped others check their voter registration status. Those who were not registered could use the iPads to register online immediately. Later that evening, the junior Chapman scholars continued the drive in the common area at IPFW’s student housing complex.

The students were aided by junior Chapman scholar mentors, Craig Ortsey (political science) and Kimberly O’Connor (OLS) and Andrew Downs (political science), director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics, who provided the group with guidance on how to register voters in Indiana.

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