In the News: Presidential and Vice Presidential Debate Watch Parties

Wolf giving an introduction before the debate.

The news pundits say millennials are apathetic about the current election cycle and their options. But on campus, that does not seem to be the case.

About 60 students attended the first of three presidential debate watch parties. Professor Mike Wolf (political science) gave a brief introduction to the presidential debates and debate rules, then the students separated into six different rooms, each showing the debate on a different channel.

Local news stations covered the events. WFFT posted “Political Expert Weighs in on Presidential Debate.” WANE posted “IPFW Students Gather for Presidential Debate.” Both feature an interview with Wolf, who felt that both party bases were probably happy with the debate performances. Wolf did add that more of the students watching the debate “thought Hillary Clinton won, even some of the Trump supporters, but they didn’t change their opinions about the race.”

Wolf and the Honors Program also hosted a vice presidential debate party, which was attended by about 35 students and covered by local news stations. WANE invited Wolf and political science student Brook Bieszke to preview the vice presidential debate on the morning of the debate. When asked about the election, Bieszke (a freshman and first-time voter) responded “I’m concerned by the fact that little to no attention is being given to the most important elections, which are a bit closer to home: our own congressmen and our governor. Nobody seems to be paying a lot of attention to that. We are mostly looking at the sensationalism of the presidential candidates. But the real differences that can be made come at the smaller scale with Congress.” Watch the full interview here.

WFFT sent reporters to the watch the vice presidential debate party at IPFW and interviewed Wolf afterward about the debate performances and what it meant for Indiana to have a former governor running for vice president. Watch the interview here.

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