Summer Updates: Summer Camp Round-Up

Over the summer, Arts & Sciences departments hosted various summer camps for kids in middle and high schools. These include two camps from the Appleseed Writing Project and two from the Department of Physics.

The Appleseed Writing Project is held at IPFW and two of the directors are involved in the Department of English and Linguistics: Karol Dehr (continuing lecturer, English and linguistics) and Terry Springer (limited term lecturer, English and linguistics). The Appleseed Writing Project holds two camps, an elementary camp open to students entering grades 4, 5, or 6 and a middle school camp open to students entering grades 7, 8, or 9. Both camps explore writing in a variety of genres, including poetry, story writing, and narratives, while engaging in a variety of activities that will help them better understand the writing process.

For more information on the Appleseed Writing Project, see their website.

The Department of Physics also hosts two summer camps, the Math and Science Exploration (for middle school children) and the Physics Research Camp (for high school children). The Physics Research Camp introduces campers to a variety of topics in experimental physics. They learn about and perform experiments related to astronomy, LASER physics, quantum optics, and surface science. Campers work in small groups with physics professors and senior physics majors.

The most popular camp, Math & Science Exploration, engages campers in hands-on science and problem solving. The camp consists of a primary activity (in the past this has included water-rockets, hot air balloons, and pine wood derby) and smaller daily activities (Lego robots, logic puzzles, and creative mathematical games). This year, there was a new primary activity: creating, testing, and flying cardboard gliders. The 2016 summer camp attracted media attention. The News Sentinel published an article on the camp entitled, “Math and Science Campers Create Unique Planes at IPFW,” and the Journal Gazette produced a video on the camp, found here.

To learn more about the Physics Research Camp or Math & Science Exploration, contact Barb Biedermann at 260-481-6306.

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